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Experiments in Democracy Part Two - Open Space Discussion
7:30 PM19:30

Experiments in Democracy Part Two - Open Space Discussion

Why, when climate change is evidently a pressing issue with potentially disastrous consequences for our planet and all its inhabitants, have we been unable to enact the changes required at either local or national levels? Couldthe problem lie in our system of governance, e.g. insufficient political will to take unpopular decisions in the face of short-term periods in office, or a dysfunctional system which doesn't allow politicians to follow the will of the people they represent?

This"open space" style discussion will focus on the question: "How can we improve our democracy?" There will be at least one group discussing how to stand as an independent candidate in the upcoming city council elections. 

All are welcome to this free event (suggested donation of£2-4 to cover costs will be collected on the night). Book on Eventbrite:

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