About Pivotal

Pivotal encourages people to embrace positive change through creating events which combine the arts with top thinkers in the areas of environmental and social change. We work with professional and community artists and groups, inviting the power of participation to help bring about change.

We start from the position that change is occuring, that human behaviour is a key driver of that change, and that it is possible to make positive, community oriented choices which could turn our trajectory from one of environmental destruction and global inequality to one of re-ordered priorities and renewed cohesion.

We aim to be non-political and realistic, and to focus on positive, non-violent routes to change.

Pivotal is a registered community interest company

Pivotal Hub CIC, 09808405

Office: 17 Broad Lane, Haslingfield, CAMBS CB23 1JF

The Team

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Peter Daldorph - Environmental Scientist, Writer

Jill Eastland - Artist, Rebel

Michelle Golder - Writer, Producer, Improviser

Rebecca Lindum Greene - Artist, Event Organiser

Jane Monson - Poet, Teacher, Events Organiser

James Murray-White - Filmmaker, Producer

Fay Roberts - Business Change Manager, Performance Poet, Publisher, Events Organiser

Diana Scarborough - Artist, Engineer


Photo by Chris Boland, Distant Cloud Photography